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Floridians are all too familiar with the havoc that hurricanes wreak on their homes. From floods, wind damage, mold and more, hurricanes can rip your home apart in moments. Hurricane Irma was no stranger to the state of Florida, bringing severe Category 3 winds and buckets of rain to the area.

Rebuilding your home is an expensive endeavor. Earning the maximum insurance payout from your claim is essential to get your house back to the home it was. Unfortunately, many times insurance payouts are not optimized to earn you what you deserve.

Let the attorneys of Kling Law fight to get you the money you deserve, leaving less on the table and more in your pocket.

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From Hurricane Irma:

• Nearly 1 million Floridian property owners filed a claim from Irma Damages.
• Roughly 95% of clams have been paid out or turned down.
• Property damage costs have exceeded $10 billion as of late summer 2018, a year past the time of the natural disaster.

Are you one of the 50,000 homeowners still waiting for a insurance settlement? Have you been denied a claim payout that you rightfully deserve? Kling Law can help ensure that Hurricane Irma damage does not take over you home for good, fighting tirelessly to get you the maximum payout you qualify for.

Get Help Filing Your Irma Damage Insurance Claim

Are you aware that hurricane damage is categorized differently than flood damage or wind damage to your property? While this may be self-evident, your policy terminology may make it difficult to understand just how to file your claim properly. Improperly filing your claim can result in a longer decision process, lower payout or even claim denial.

Don’t let your fear stop you from filing. Kling Law’s team of hurricane damage lawyers are ready to fight your battle with you and get you money to rebuild your home and your life.

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